Astrophile Asteroid Search Campaign 2022-2023

Astrophile Education Services, New Delhi is proud to bring to you a series of scientific research opportunities for students in India. Now you can participate in Astrophile Asteroid Search Campaign as per your choices. The campaign dates are listed as below:


September 21 – October17

October 21 – November 15

November 18 – December 13


January 16 – February 10

February 15 – March 13

March 17 – April 12

May 16 – June 9

Astrophile is organising several editions of Astrophile Asteroid Search Campaign in the coming months for the academic year 2022-23. A maximum of 10 teams per campaign is allowed. Each team shall have a  maximum of 5 members and minimum of 2 members per team. A team may register for as many campaigns as possible but preference will be given to new teams rather than already participated teams. Schools may choose to put one team in each campaign but with different students. In case there are institutions with multiple teams participating in the same campaign or same students participating in different campaigns, we reserve the rights to reschedule their teams as and where it is possible ensuring more and more students and institutions are introduced to this opportunities.

Last date for registration for each campaign is 10 days before the starting date. Do not wait till the last moment as you may miss the chance.A confirmation email shall be sent to all the registered participants about 8 days before the campaign starts.

The campaign will be conducted online with data reaching you directly through the International body. Training will be provided to the participants by our team. You can opt for the training if you feel the need. The training will be conducted through a tutorial video and live interactions for the students where they will learn about using the software and its importance. The students will also understand why the campaign is important and how astronomers discover and detect new objects in the universe on regular basis. The students will work on the real time data collected by astronomical observatories form around the world and will analyse for any new asteroids. The program also help astronomers refine the orbital properties of known asteroids as sometime they also pop up in the detection process.

Please note that the payment is to be made only in case the training is required. If the training is needed then the participation is free.

Astrophile India is committed to bring in more and more research opportunities for the students of Indian school system to get involved, learn and create opportunities for research oriented career. The Astrophile Asteroid Search Campaign is a step in this direction. The students who participate in this program will be able to work with some of the most advanced telescopes in the world and assisting researchers  in their work. If made a discovery, the students (entire team) will be able to name the asteroid.

16 Teams participated in the previous edition of this campaign. A total of 184 new asteroids have been discovered so far and the students will get the credit for discovery along with certificate of discovery once confirmed. The certificates can help the students secure admissions in reputed universities in India and abroad and will help them shape a better future for them.

Please note: in case the team need not require training, you please put NT000001 ( NT followed by 5 ZEROs and 1) and skip the pay now button.

Astrophile Asteroid Search Campaign 2022-2023​ Registration
Astrophile Asteroid Search Campaign 2022-2023