Annular Solar Eclipse – June 10, 2021

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The Annular Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021 will be visible starting from North-East Canada, spreading over west Greenland and finally ending over Eastern Russia. The Annular Eclipse will start at 08:12:15.5 UT (13:42:15 IST) in the North-East Canada and it will continue till 13:11:15.6 UT (18:41:15.6 IST) in East Russia. The Greatest Eclipse will be in Greenland at 9:36:25.1 UT (15:06:25.1 IST) till 11:48:58.7 UT (17:18:58.7 IST).

Due to the pandemic, international travel is restricted in most parts of the world including Canada which has put restrictions on International arrivals as of now. Hence not many eclipse-chasers can travel. With the help of locals and remote set ups, some are capable of live-streaming the event. Below are some of the channels who are going to stream live and you are welcome to select any channel of your choice to view the event.

The below feeds will start at different times depending upon their location and local circumstances. Timings may differ due to different geographical locations.