AIASC 2018 Second Edition September 18

Astrophile – International Astronomical Search Collaboration (AIASC) Campaign starting from September 03rd-30th.

Astrophile is organising second edition of AIASC (Astrophile – International Search campaign) for the month of September. The campaign will start on September 03 and will go on for 27 days till September 30th. The schools are invited to participate in this campaign. The registration will be done on the first come first serve basis. The campaign initiated by international body “International Astronomical Search Collaboration” and extended the opportunity to us to bring forward the deserving and capable students to get inclined towards the scientific research.

The campaign will be see a 4 hour  workshop for the students where they will learn about using the software and its importance. They will also understand why the campaign is important and how astronomers discover and detect new objects in the universe on regular basis. The students will work on the real time data collected by astronomical observatories form around the world and will analyse for any new asteroids. The program also help astronomers refine the orbital properties of known asteroids as sometime they also pop up in the detection process.

Pathways School, Noida and Dean’s Academy, Bengaluru participated in the first edition of this campaign. A total of 22 new asteroids were discovered and they students will get the credit for discovery along with certificate of discovery. The certificates can help the students secure admissions in reputed universities in India and abroad and will help them shape a better future for them. A report on the workshop conducted can be read here.

To participate in this edition of the workshop, please reach us through email or phone.

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