Astrophiler’s Club – Astronomy on your Fingertips


12 sessions of 90 mins each, Competitions, Events, Talks, Lectures, Conferences and much more…

Subscribe at only INR 3,540/- (inclusive of applicable taxes)

Astrophile Education Services, New Delhi is proud to present Astrophiler’s Club, a year long program for students to learn Astronomy and space science in-depth with consistent programs, interactions, competitions, quizzes, activities and projects. A complete involvement of students with the experts from industry, they will have year long learning opportunity.

In Astrophiler’s club, the students will learn about space and astronomy through dedicated online interactions with our experts and learn about the fascinating and fun facts about space. Understand the working of the cosmos with the experts and much more. 

Astrophiler’s Club program for students and schools in India aim to teach students life skills through the intelligent application of astronomy and space science concepts. Astrophiler’s Clubs is being introduced for schools to start virtual astronomy club and also for students to be part of the club themselves without the involvement of school in their learning of astronomy.

Astrophiler’s Club will be active pan India. The club will bring the student closer to the environment through its astronomy based online activities. Astrophiler’s Club’s out of the box activities like interactions with astronomers and subject experts, project and event participation, forum based interaction and easily available other resources through our sister sites will inculcate scientific temper & the love for science and astronomy amongst the students. The event and activities which are among the best implemented educational science modules in the world, are being developed in-house by our research team and with constant input from the students and stakeholders.

Students have the opportunity to enroll in the Astrophiler’s Club, which offers certification courses in astronomy and Astrophile science education at three levels, Mercury, Omega and Andromeda. The modules will offer outdoor scientific camps, live interaction with the experts, proper guidance and training for research opportunities opportunities for outdoor camps in safe environment, availability of equipment at affordable prices, online course curriculum, career guidance, information about national and international projects with participations and other future endeavours of Astrophile Education.

The students primarily learn science by observing and analysing objects around them. The courses teach budding astronomers various skills including – background understanding of cosmos, latest news updates, Focusing a telescope on a celestial object, Identifying celestial objects, Identifying directions without aid, Finding local time, astrophotography and many more subject to their participation and involvement

As an Astrophiler’s Club member, the students can:

  • Participate in national and International competitions and projects organised by Astrophile, NASA, ESA and RSA, ISRO, etc.
  • Widen the scope of their education in STEAM fields by learning about various concepts of Astronomy such as observing tools like telescopes (Reflector and Refractor), binoculars and astrophotography.
  • Interact with astronomers and educators from Astrophile and from around the world.
  • Interact with international experts over live online interaction.
  • Participate and attend workshops.
  • Enjoy hands-on science activities.
  • Participate in Outreach events and programmes
  • Certification – Astrophiler’s Club prepares students for the future by equipping them with the right knowledge and tools to help them follow their dreams. Astrophile honours these students by awarding them an ‘Amateur Astronomer’ certificate after successful completion of the Astrophiler’s Club program.
  • The students will get special discounts on access to our allied services on our or our sister websites.
  • The students can gain attractive deals on the telescope purchases, online classes and also on various Astronomy Theme based Travel adventures.
  • The students will get a discounted subscription of Slooh Telescopes and observatory systems.

Benefit to the participants:

What the students will get with their memberships?

  1. Paid competitions and events are free for members
  2. Free participation in competition, conference or seminars organised by Astrophile Education.
  3. 30% discounts on courses done on Khagolshala#
  4. Virtual sessions on astronomy and space sciences.
  5. 20% discounts up to INR 10,000 per year on trips organised by Astro Nomad Life and purchase of telescopes from Cosmeascopes.
  6. Interactions in webinar with national and international personalities.
  7. Monthly Newsletter
  8. Weekly sky updates.
  9. Slooh memberships* with 20% discount.
  10. Forums discussions.
  11. Astronomy kit
  12. Research projects grade wise.
  13. Certificate of competition of module.

*-basic membership, #- to be launched.

Astrophiler’s Club Module-1- Club Mercury

“Club Mercury” is the beginner level program for young astronomy enthusiasts. The program is based on basic concepts of astronomy that affects day to day life, nature and surroundings, introduced through virtual rich multimedia learning techniques.

Salient Features of Astrophiler’s Club Mercury

The Program consists of 6 basic sessions which are covered in 6 90 minute sessions through a calendar year. The students will get to vote in for two more sessions on the topics most desired by the members. The students will get the details for the astro-ventures we plan and they can participate with one parent for the night observation where a proper training for the usage of telescope will be provided for them to learn and understand about the sky and get trained in telescope handling.

In this module students learn about the basics of astronomy, and fundamental concepts paramount for their strong foundation in Astronomy.

List of sessions on Astrophiler’s Club Mercury:

  1. Introduction to the Universe
  2. Introduction to space exploration and Orbits.
  3. Understanding the Sun and Eclipses.
  4. Rockets – A space vehicle
  5. Time and Direction
  6. Seasons
  7. The Moons of Solar System.
  8. Star Life – The origin to End.
  9. Occultations, Conjunctions and transits.
  10. Comets and Asteroids.
  11. The hunt for Aliens and Life outside of Earth
  12. Eyes in Space

List of other activities:

  1. ISS EarthKAM
  2. Bring Back Dark Skies
  3. Events
  4. Competitions
  5. Astrophile Asteroid Search Campaign
  6. Bring Back dark Skies
  7. Interactions with astronomers and scientists.

Who can Participate?

  • The students studying in Indian school grade 6 onwards.
  • Have a working internet connection and have free or paid subscription to Zoom Video Conferencing App.
  • Passion towards astronomy and space science is important and an essential element. 
Astrophile’s Club Registration Form
Astrophiler's Club Registration Form