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We great excitement and pride, Astrophile Education Services would like to share with you all that Arun And Sons Innovations (Parent company of AES) has collaborated with Slooh India (Subsidiary of Slooh USA) to offer extremely tailor-made research oriented programs for school students and amateur astronomers in India. The collaboration will help AES achieve their goal of promoting astronomy to the masses while Slooh would be able to introduce their products in India and to the reach of amateur astronomers and students.

Slooh ASI collaboration Announcement

Slooh is a tech driven astronomy company, based in the United States – Partner of National Science Foundation (NSF) & Google Education. Slooh just started in India, and providing extracurricular activities to spark the interest of students for exploring space. 

Since 2003, Slooh has enabled people to explore space together through its global network of online telescopes. By the end of 2020, Slooh have 17 online telescopes on three continents covering 20+ hours per day. Slooh is designed to empower students in stem organizations, schools & universities as a part of the curriculum, and also in a co-curricular or extracurricular manner so students can explore space on their own with direct support from our astronomy educators. Slooh makes astronomy engaging and affordable for schools without the requisite equipment or expertise on staff. Slooh’s automated observatories develop celestial images in real-time for broadcast to the Internet.

Slooh members have taken over 5 million photos/1 million FITS files of over 50,000 celestial objects, like the images above, participated in numerous discoveries with leading astronomical institutions and made over 5,000 submissions to the Minor Planet Center. Slooh’s live broadcasts of potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs), comets, transits, eclipses, solar activity etc. feature narration by astronomy experts Paul Cox and Bob Berman and are syndicated to media outlets worldwide.

AES has always been on the forefront of creating opportunities for  research oriented project based learning for students. With the help of Slooh, the students will be able to collect more research grade data and they can participate in analysis which may lead to several discoveries and/or findings to support the existing theories. Our Astrophile – India Asteroid Search Campaign is also a project on the similar lines where students search for new asteroids and comets in the solar system.

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