club Curriculum Series

Astrophile “Science & Astronomy Curriculum Series” is a set of Science and astronomy concepts designed and developed for delivering in to the classroom environment like any other curriculum. The topics are not only interrelated but also the understanding of one concept helps in learning the other concepts easy. 

The program begins with basic learning of the objects and terms in astronomy followed by a set of classroom activities using hands on approach with team building and cooperation. The concepts throw challenges to student and make them think beyond what their friends and classmates not participating in the programs do.

The Annular curriculum comprises of 9 visits and 21 topics or concepts all interlinked and learning using different approach. Be it multimedia, or hands on or observation, the key to learning here is group discussion and Q&A not just during a session, but also what they read and learn at home. The student get all the material which will be used during the experiment conduction and they take it back home as a kit material. So every student gets a kit which also includes a small telescope capable of resolving the craters of Moon, phases of Venus, Jupiter and its moons and the rings of Saturn. 7 Visits are during the school hours, while 1 visit to the school is conducted in the evening. 1 of the days we go to a dark site and spend the whole night under the stars having an up close and personal views of the cosmos.

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Astronomy Workshop Series

Astrophile “Science & Astronomy Workshop Series” or SAW series is a set of educational workshops covering from simple observations to complex mathematical experimental approach. The SAW series comprises of topics from the world of astronomy and science with emphasis on how both the fields are interlinked. It also comprises of different approaches like multimedia, observation and hands on based ensuring the student learn and understand the concepts thoroughly and also observe its application in real world.

The activities done in group not only help learn better but also bring out social skills like team building, leadership qualities and being a team players. And since the workshops are designed and configured as per various curriculum means the students participating in this workshop have an advantage over their friends and classmates who choose not to participate.

The workshops are organised and conducted in the safe and secure manner, mostly inside the school premises and during school hours making it easier for schools to conduct and for students to not have extra hours spent. The days are picked as per the school calendar where the school already has certain activities planned and none or very few classes are scheduled. This makes it easier for students to commute using school bus services. Parents who come and pick their wards find it easier and they do not have to make adjustment with their timings.

For list and details about the workshops and their prices, please contact us here.