ISS EarthKAM Mission

Mission 87: January 16-19, 2024

Mission 86: January 16-19, 2024

Mission 87 of ISS EarthKAM Workshop will be conducted from January 16-19, 2024 in online as well as Offline mode. The mission will be carried out for grade 6 – grade 9 only.

What is ISS EarthKAM?
ISS EarthKAM (“International Space Station Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle school students”) is a NASA project for middle school students across the world to participate and capture beautiful images of the Earth. The photographs are taken using a camera onboard the International Space Station. For 4 times in a year the camera control is shared with the students to take images of the Earth for them to study and evaluate the changes as part of their geography classes.

How to participate?
The students need to register using the form on the right. Once registered, the students will receive special codes which they have to USE it at the earliest. They will evaluate the weather, orbit path and timings to take the images. The images then will be taken by the camera at designated time and one shall wait for the images to be available for download which will take upto 15 days. Each student will get 5 codes and each code can be used for one picture only. The registered students will get an email with the codes and login credentials for the project a day before the program. Also you will receive an online link for the training video with the students can use to get trained.

How will it benefit you?
The students can compare the old images of the location with the new ones to observe and highlight the changes. Also the results can help students to understand and identify the geographical features on Earth like glaciers, mountain ranges, city limits etc.

Registration requirements
To register for the project in online mode, each student needs to submit the registration form and transfer a registration amount of Rs 118/- inclusive of 18% GST. The student also needs to share the transaction id/reference number for confirmation. 

For offline mode or bulk registration for institutions, please contact the team. with request at

Images results from Mission 71

Registration Form: Mission 87

ISS EarthKAM Mission 86 Registration