Global Astronomy Month 2021

Global Astronomy Month 2021

What is Global Astronomy Month?

Global Astronomy Month (GAM) – Every year in April, the world’s largest annual celebration of astronomy offers a unique demonstration of the power of the night sky to bring people together from around the world.  GAM is an inspiring expression of the universal passion for astronomy we all share, whoever or wherever we are. Kids, old and grown-ups all come together and either participate or conduct events in their capacity and bring others under the clear skies to cherish a month of astronomy events, activities and sky.

How is Astrophile Education celebrating GAM2021?

At Astrophile Education, we have created several events, observations opportunities for students to showcase their skills and passion towards the cosmos. Some events bring the artistic side of the students while others bring the scientific temperament among them. Some of the events are just to create spark required for them to find interest in astronomy and space. The list of the same can be read below.

While we at Astrophile are going to create several opportunities, the schools can also hold virtual or in-school programs, in their capacity to participate in the global celebrations of the event. Astrophile will extend all the possible support to the students and schools in achieving this goal.

How the celebrations will unfold?

The global celebrations are open to all which means anyone can participate. All you have to do is to participate in the selected activities and do the needful. The submissions will be done through the email. The students can simply go through the details of the same and submit their creation via email or google drive. You should also share your submissions on social media and tag us in your post along with the hashtag (#) aesgam2021 (#aesgam2021).

Several live events and interactions will be listed closer to the dates. You are advised to come back to the page periodically so that you do not miss the updates. Some events require effort on your part for participation while others are straight forward events. for any query or concern, you can send us an email.

When will the celebrations start?

Global Astronomy Month will be celebrated from April 01 – 30, 2021. You can participate in the same after registration. The registration will help us in identifying the total number of people registered for the event. While many events will be open for the entire duration of the event, some events will be time dependent or will happen on specific time and date.

While we will try to organise events in the evenings or on holidays, it would be very challenging to ensure all events scheduled around the holidays or evening hours.

Where can you participate?

Right here on the website, in the comfort and safety of your home and over the internet. You do not have to travel anywhere to participate except for the stargazing session which will happen under the dark skies and you are welcome to be there with your family, friends and your telescope or binoculars.

Just register for the events below and we will guide you through the next process of participation. Do remember to follow us on social media platforms and tag us when you share your submissions there.

Events and details:

  1. Digital Painting submissions: One of the events will be to create digital paintings and submit it with us digitally via email or google drive. A few lines describing the painting and a title would be great.
  2. Astronomy Podcast submissions: One of the fascinating things about astronomy is that you can learn and spread the knowledge. Astronomy podcast is a very simple way of doing this. Find something on your favourite topic and share your view either in audio or video format.
  3. Astro Poetry submissions: Bring your artistic side by presenting a nice poetry about the space and universe. Pick any topic of your choice and create something unique. Only rule: It should be your original creation.
  4. Astronomy Quiz submissions: One of the weeks, we will share an astronomy quiz with the registered participants. The participants will test their knowledge about the space while answering the questions. 
  5. Astrophotography submissions: Showcase your love for sky by taking a fancy image of the sky (Planets, Moon, Sun, any other object) and select entries will win a prize. The competition is open only to school students.
  6. Celebrate Sun, Moon and Mars with us: Through April, we will share live feed of Sun, Moon and Mars during the course of events. The webcast details will be shared on our social media platforms and we encourage you to follow us across platform so that you do not miss a thing in the future.
  7. Meet an Astronomer: During the month of April, we will try to organise as many astronomers as possible to have live interaction with the students and adults talking about different aspects of space research and exploration. Details will be shared on our social media.
  8. Bring Back Dark Sky Project: One of the key event of GAM2021 will be to encourage students to participate in the citizen science project Bring Back Dark Skies, an initiative of Astrophile Education Services. To participate and learn more about the project, visit the page.
  9. Astrophile Asteroid Search Campaign: Hunt for new and unknown asteroids this GAM2021 and help save planet earth. Available for Grade 9 onwards, the event will be a month long event. For more details, visit the page.
  10. Sky Observation: Own a telescope or binoculars? Know someone who owns one? Go out and observe the sky. Take images of yourself looking at the sky or through the telescope and share the images tagging us and using a special hashtag to star on our social media platform.
  11. Star Party: Astronomy is incomplete without spending nights under the dark skies. We will be organising 2-3 star parties in April in Himalayas or in Rajasthan where you can join us with your family and friends and enjoy the passion for night sky. For more details, visit the page.
More events will be added in the coming weeks.
The registration for the events will start at 00:01 AM on March 10 and will end on April 29th at 11:59 PM (both days included). The submissions will be accepted via the email or sharing on google drive. You can submit your entries till the midnight of April 30 for all the events. The email to be used for all communications will be
Registration form – Global Astronomy Month 2021
Registration Form - Global Astronomy Month 2021

Join us in celebrating Global Astronomy Month 2021 by registering in the form below and participate in the events for free.

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